If you’re looking for a uniquely styled necklace for a special gift (or as a present to yourself), you’ve come to the right place! Fire & Ice specializes in unusual, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and there’s a big selection of elegant jewelry for every budget. You’ll discover artistic sterling silver, brass, bronze, copper, silver-plated, gold-plated, vermeil and 14K gold chain necklaces to delight any personality. Are you looking for something bold and daring? Or would you like to find something more traditional and refined? Whichever fits your personal style or the tastes of the gift recipient, you’ll find it here.
There are stunning combinations of gemstones in gold jewelry, classic pearls and luxurious rubies, emeralds and diamonds. You’ll also find more uncommon and exotic gemstones such as larimar, which is found only in a mountainous region of the Dominican Republic, and labradorite, a feldspar mineral. Other natural elements that have been fashioned into stunning jewelry include Roman glass, spiny oyster shell, mother-of-pearl and fossilized walrus ivory. In this varied collection, there are necklaces depicting animals, flowers and other elements of nature. There are heart shapes, ovals, teardrops and round pendants. You’ll find bib necklaces made from different kinds of stones and necklaces fashioned from various pieces of metal. Shell necklaces and coral necklaces are perfect as gifts for more casual nature lovers. The more exotic art pieces look like they came from a museum or gallery. These eye-catching necklaces range from traditional to contemporary, with everything in between!
Family-owned Fire & Ice travels around the world, gathering the most unusual, beautiful creations, from decorative art glass and exquisite jewelry to fossil specimens and pottery. These are special adornments for the body and the home that celebrate the individual spirit and unbridled creativity.

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