If you’re tired of generic jewelry and are looking for truly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, discover the artistic beauty and expert craftsmanship of Fire & Ice pendants. These unusual gold and sterling silver pendants are available in a breathtaking array of styles to fit every mood and personality. You can choose from several kinds of metals that include sterling silver, gold and vermeil (a combination of the two). There are classic cameo carvings, pedants with intricate filigree and inexpensive marcasite pendants that glimmer like small diamonds, though at a fraction of the cost.
These beautiful pendants celebrate the wondrous elements of nature, from precious metals like sterling silver and gold to dazzling gemstones such as amethyst, blue topaz, garnet, jade and diamond. You’ll also find more exotic natural materials such as coral, antler, druzy quartz, fossilized walrus ivory, mammoth tusk and meteorite. Gaspeite is a rare mineral colored a yellowish green, while tanzanite is a stunning blue gemstone with a hint of purple color and is only found in Tanzania, Africa. Roman glass, as the name suggests, is glass that has been recovered from early Roman times, dating from around 100 BCE to 300 CE. Peridot, a form of olivine that is of gem quality, is an old gemstone that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity.
Exotic, one-of-a-kind jewelry is what you’ll find at Fire & Ice. Since 1980, its team has traveled around the world, looking for special treasures that represent their love of nature. In addition to these magnificent pendants, you’ll find other types of jewelry, hand-carved art glass, sculptures, wall art, pottery and an impressive selection of fossils. These distinctive items from all corners of the globe make perfect gifts for people with discriminating tastes.

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