There are many different kinds of rings, and you’ll find a large, diverse collection here. These 14K gold and sterling silver rings are all crafted from the finest materials and are of exceptionally high quality. Beyond that, in terms of style and design, the sky’s the limit! Our impressive selection features classic Irish Claddagh rings, luxurious cocktail rings with sparkling gemstones, elegant diamond ring engagement bands, broad sterling silver cut-out rings, handsome sterling silver bands and delicate eternity rings. You’ll also discover more unusual, one-of-a-kind creations such as druzy quartz rings, rings containing fossil specimens and exotic gemstone rings like kyanite and larimar.
If you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring, we have beautiful rings that express one’s love and commitment in every price range. Cubic Zirconia has become increasingly popular as a far less expensive alternative to diamonds, with much of the same beauty and brilliance.
The earliest indication of rings comes from The Hittite Empire, circa 1300 B.C. The wearing of rings became more commonplace in later Egyptian history, in addition to classical Greek and Roman society. As for the tradition of wearing a wedding band on the left hand ring finger, it was an old belief dating back to 16th century England that this particular finger was directly connected by a vein to the heart. Whether or not we choose to believe that today, rings have taken on a cultural significance around the world, whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding band, a Claddagh Irish friendship ring, a commemorative ring or a right-hand ring, or a more decorative cocktail ring. Whatever the purpose or occasion, rings have often symbolized commitment, the keeping of a promise and a sense of tradition. The circular shape can also symbolize wholeness, unity and eternity.

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