Metal often has an industrial feel, but with these nature-inspired metal sculptures from Fire & Ice, this material takes on a natural look. These beautiful pieces of metal art are a great way to add a distinguishing touch to any room of your home. Whether it’s copper drip wall art for the living room or a unique manta ray wall decoration in the kitchen, these are stunning pieces that are sure to stand out among your décor. Each one is handcrafted and intricately decorated to provide an endlessly fascinating feature in your space. You’ll love that in addition to featuring a shimmering, shiny metal surface, these metal sculptures also have a colorful painted surface that makes them a conversation piece in any room.
One of the unique things about the metal sculptures featured on Fire & Ice is that our collection is geared towards nature-inspired subjects. These are items that will help you feel connected to the world around you while also offering a unique piece of art that makes your home look more distinctive. We love that, unlike some of the less personal styles of décor, your interests and tastes can be directly reflected in your choice of these metal sculptures. You can show your love for sea life with a metal manta ray wall decoration or depict an affection for a certain animal or pet with copper drip wall art. Our collection is updated to feature the latest and most beautiful metal pieces, so you’ll be able to find new and exciting pieces to decorate your home.
In addition to being household décor, our metal art collection is also popular with businesses and office environments. They lend an inspiring style to any space that makes work more enjoyable for every employee. You can say goodbye to bland, boring work environments; some metal sculptures create a warm and inviting space where productivity can flourish.

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