If your style leans towards the bright and colorful, you’ll love these Oaxacan sculptures from Fire & Ice. Our collection of Oaxacan sculptures is created by Mexican artists like Angel Ramirez, Feliciano Santiago and the Hernandez and Fabian Families. They adhere to this unique style of Mexican folk art that includes brightly colored, fantastical creatures. These Oaxacan sculptures are a perfect fit for our style at Fire & Ice since we feature items inspired by nature and natural history. Adding one of these sculptures to your home is a great way to be inspired by the dynamic culture and natural inspirations of Oaxaca.
Our collection of Oaxacan carvings includes a variety of animals and creatures that will delight and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. From a playful cat to a somber camel, we’re constantly updating our collection to include the best and latest pieces by these popular artists. In addition to animals like zebras, mice and iguanas, you’ll also find a variety of Dia de Los Muertos sculptures in this collection of Oaxacan art. These items are perfect for displayed when the holiday comes around, though many customers love to keep them out year-round to add to their home’s unique and distinctive décor.
Our Oaxacan sculptures aren’t just great for homes, however. Though they’re a part of our home décor collection, you’ll find that these Oaxacan carvings are equally suited to classrooms, offices and other locations. When you want décor that makes a big statement with bold colors and designs, there’s no doubt that you’ll get what you’re looking for with a Oaxacan sculpture. Choose from these inspiring designs to find the piece that best reflects your style and interests. While you’re at it, be sure to order some of these Oaxacan sculptures to give as gifts to your loved ones with similar interests.

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