Cold Cast Bronze Atlas Sphere Holder on Marble Base


Cold Cast Bronze Atlas Sphere Holder on Marble Base

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Atlas, who held up the heavens of Greek mythology, can adorn any office area in this cold cast bronze figurine with a marble base. A perfect gift for fans of Greek mythology, the figure depicts Atlas, the Titan god of endurance and astronomy, as he is posed to serve his punishment and hold up the sky for all eternity.

The figure is crafted in amazing detail. This cold cast bronze statue of Atlas sits on an attached marble base.  It is 3 ¾ high and 4 3/8 inches square. Atlas can balance a Fire and Ice display ball on his hands and head as this cold cast bronze Atlas sphere holder carries out his sentence in your home or office.

Spheres that are compatible with the cold cast bronze Atlas figurine are sold separately and can be found on the Fire and Ice website.

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